I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama – Series Review

“I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a Japanese BL drama filled with lots of sentimentality and fun. It’s based on the manga series ‘BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Trailer

  • Native Title: BLドラマの主演になりました クランクアップ編
  • Also Known As: I Became the Lead in a BL Drama: Crank up Edition , I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama: Crank up Edition , BL Dorama no Shuen ni Narimashita: Kuranku Appu Hen
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Cast: Abe Alan, Akutsu Nichika
  • Episodes: 3   Duration: 45 min.

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I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Plot

A popular BL manga is going to be adapted into a live-action drama. The double lead roles will be played by Aoyanagi Hajime, a talented actor who used to be a successful child actor but is not so successful anymore and Akafuji Yuuichirou, a popular and handsome actor.

Aoyagi has a hard time with Akafuji who has an unfriendly attitude, but on the other hand Akafuji has too much love for Aoyagi… Will the two stars succeed in their BL drama?

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama My Review

It’s got this mind-blowing plot twist that I’m totally in love with! You know the one where the super cool and popular character, who you think can’t stand the main character, actually turns out to be head over heels in love with them? Yeah, that’s the one!

This series had me hooked from the very first episode right up until the end. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even realize how quickly time flew by! Let’s talk about the main character, Hajime Aoyagi. He’s portrayed by such a talented actor who just oozes cuteness. I mean, those eyes and that acting – just wow! I found myself completely empathizing with his struggles with self-confidence and anxiety, especially as he constantly checked comments from his audience. It was heart-wrenching to watch.

And then there’s Yuijiro Akafuji, the actor who plays the character Aoyagi admires from afar. Yuijiro Akafuji, has feelings for him beyond just being a fan – he’s practically a superfan! 😀 Akafuji doesn’t know how to act in front of Aoyagi, even to the point of telling him to get out of his sight! 😂 Poor Hajime misunderstands everything and thinks Akafuji hates him.

The dynamic between them, especially considering they’re both leads in a Bl series, is so interesting. One is completely starstruck, while the other is struggling with self-doubt. Classic mix-up, right? And of course, there’s the typical Japanese drama trope of miscommunication, which adds to the tension.

But amidst all the laughs, this series also had its serious and emotional moments. There was this perfect balance of comedy and heartfelt scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat. And even though I wished for a bit more romance and passion, watching them navigate their feelings was still incredibly enjoyable.

What really stood out to me was the respect and sweetness they showed towards each other. It was heartwarming to see their friendship develop despite all the misunderstandings. Here’s hoping for a second season – I’m crossing my fingers for more of this amazing series! 🤞

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