The 19 Best Japanese BL Dramas You Need to Watch Next

Japan is famous for BL manga and anime. In recent years people have been noticing the Japanese BL industry more and more. It all started with Ossan’s Love getting attention.

After that, popular series like Cherry Magic (30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii) became known worldwide.

Why You Should Watch Japanese BL?

  • Japanese BL’s definitely have their own flavor. There’s a whole range of tones, intimacy, and acting. Their dramas tend to have more solid writing and execution than other countries.
  • Japanese BL’s tell light, cute, and fluffy stories. They avoid being too much and keep relationships from being too superficial.
  • On one hand yes Japanese BL’s can be seen as fluffy but on the other hand it also has a very kinky dark twin. This twin l am guessing you yet to meet. He be eye popping, breath stealing, drool inducing smutty. Like “The Pornographer” and it’s follow up “Mood Indigo” and follow follow up “Spring Life

If you’re interested in Japanese BL dramas, check out these top-rated shows.

Cherry Magic (2020)

~~ Adapted from the manga series “30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii” (30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい) by Toyota Yuu (豊田悠).

  • Native Title: 30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい
  • Also Known As: 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii, Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! , It Seems That You Can Be a Witch if You Are a Virgin Until 30 Years Old , Cheri Maho , 30さいまでどうていだとまほうつかいになれるらしい
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Supernatural
  • Cast: Akaso Eiji, Machida Keita, Asaka Kodai, Yutaro
  • Episodes: 12 Duration: 24 min.

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Adachi Kiyoshi is a typical office worker who, at 29, hadn’t experienced romance. On his 30th birthday, he gains a strange power – he can read minds by touching people. This surprises and upsets him, and he finds it hard to deal with.

One day, he accidentally touches his good-looking colleague Kurosawa Yuichi and discovers that Kurosawa secretly has romantic feelings for him. Now, Adachi has to figure out how to handle this unexpected revelation.

Kieta Hatsukoi (2021)

Adapted from the manga “My Love Mix-Up!” (消えた初恋) written by Hinekure Wataru (ひねくれ渡) and illustrated by Aruko (アルコ)

  • Native Title: 消えた初恋
  • Also Known As: Vanishing My First Love , The First Love That Disappeared , My Love Mix-Up! , Faded First Love
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth
  • Cast: Michieda Shunsuke, Meguro Ren, Fukumoto Riko, Suzuku Jin
  • Episodes: 10 Duration: 24 min.

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Sota Aoki has liked his classmate Mio Hashimoto for a long time but couldn’t express his feelings. Although they talk about simple things, he hasn’t confessed. One day, needing an eraser, he asks to borrow one from Hashimoto.

Borrowing the eraser changes everything when Aoki sees “Ida-kun” written on it. Realizing Hashimoto has no romantic interest, Aoki accidentally drops the eraser, and Kousuke Ida picks it up.

Now, Ida thinks Aoki likes him, while Hashimoto just wants a casual friendship. Aoki is confused. Can he clear up the misunderstanding with Ida, or will fate have other plans?

Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite Mo (2023)

Adapted from the manga series “Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo” (君となら恋をしてみても) by Kubota Maru (窪田マル)

  • Native Title: 君となら恋をしてみても
  • Also Known As: Even If I Try to Fall in Love With You , If It’s With You , Kimitonara Koiwo Shitemitemo
  • Genres: Romance, Youth
  • Cast: Hyuga Wataru, Okura Takato, Aoyama Ryota, Kaito Sora
  • Episodes: 5 Duration: 23 min.

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Amane, a high school student, stopped believing in serious love due to a past trauma. On his first day in Enoshima, he met Ryuuji, who’s his age and Amane’s type.

Amane wants to spend more time with Ryuuji, and their light feelings are turning into something unexpected.

My Personal Weatherman (2023)

Adapted from the manga “Taikan Yohou” (体感予報) by Taino Nikke (鯛野ニッケ)

  • Native Title: 体感予報
  • Also Known As: Taikan Yohou , たいかんよほう
  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Cast: Higuchi Kouhei, Mashiko Atsuki, Matsumura Sayuri, Mizuishi Atomu
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 24 min.

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Segasaki, a popular and good-looking weather forecaster, is a bossy person at home.

Yoh, an ero-manga artist in a tough situation, is well aware of this because they live together.

Yoh cooks and cleans for Segasaki in exchange for food, and he has to “obey everything

Segasaki says.” What happens because of this arrangement?

Utsukushii Kare (2021)

Adapted from the novel “He, Who is Beautiful” (美しい彼) by Nagira Yuu (凪良ゆう)

  • Native Title: 美しい彼 シーズン1
  • Also Known As: My Beautiful Man 1 , My Beautiful Man Season 1 , He, Who is Beautiful 1 , He, Who is Beautiful Season 1 , Utsukushii Kare 1 , うつくしいかれ1 , うつくしいかれ シーズン1 , 美しい彼1 , Utsukushii Kare Season 1
  • Genres: Psychological, Romance, Youth, Drama
  • Cast: Hagiwara Riku, Yagi Yusei, Takano Akira
  • Episodes: 6 Duration: 24.

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*Read Novel on chrysanthemumgarden (This is a fan translation)


Seventeen-year-old Hira, who is not doing well in class, tries to stay unnoticed at school. He avoids talking to classmates because of his stutter. Hira looks at the world through his camera, staying detached.

One day, Kiyoi Sou enters the classroom, and everything changes. Hira feels drawn to Kiyoi, following him everywhere and taking care of his needs.

Kiyoi is popular and uses his status to get what he wants, including making Hira do things for him. Hira is happy just being around Kiyoi and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Old Fashion Cupcake (2022)

Adapted from the manga “Old-Fashioned Cupcake” (オールドファッションカップケーキ) by Sagan Sagan (佐岸左岸).

  • Native Title: オールドファッションカップケーキ
  • Also Known As: Old-fashioned Cupcake , Old-fashioned Cupcake in My Picnic , Old-fashioned Cupcake with Cappuccino , Old-fashioned Cupcake with Karaage , オールドファッションカップケーキ with カプチーノ
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
  • Cast: Takeda Kouhei, Kimura Tatsunari
  • Episodes: 5 Duration: 25 min.

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Every day, 39-year-old Nozue follows a routine of sleeping, waking up, and working. This routine brings both comfort and stress to him.

His reliable 29-year-old subordinate, Togawa, notices the impact on Nozue. One day, they find themselves at a busy pancake shop filled with girls, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

Eternal Yesterday (2022)

Adapted from the novel “Eien no Kinou” (永遠の昨日) by Eda Yuuri (榎田尤利)

  • Native Title: 永遠の昨日
  • Also Known As: Eien no Kinou
  • Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
  • Cast: Komiya Rio, Inoue Sora
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 24 min.

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Koichi is a happy and well-liked student in class. Mitsuru is really good at things but finds it hard to make friends. These two high schoolers are drawn to each other because they are so different.

But one morning, a truck hits Koichi in front of Mitsuru. Koichi stands up right away, still smiling, but his classmates slowly start to forget he’s there, even though he’s still alive.

Our Dining Table (2023)

Adapted from the manga “Bokura no Shokutaku” (僕らの食卓) by Mita Ori (三田織)

  • Native Title: 僕らの食卓
  • Also Known As: Bokura no Shokutaku
  • Genres: Food, Romance, Life, Family
  • Cast: Inukai Atsuhiro, Iijima Hiroki, Maeyama Kuuga
  • Episodes: 10 Duration: 23 min.

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Yutaka, a guy who works in an office, finds it hard to eat with others, even though he’s really good at cooking. Everything changes when he meets Minoru and Tane, two brothers with a big age gap.

They ask him to show them how to make his tasty food! Yutaka starts to feel differently and begins to enjoy the meals they have together.

Life: Senjou no Bokura (2020)

Adapted from the manga “Life~Love on the Line” (Life 線上の僕ら) by Mitsuya Tsunekura (常倉三矢)

  • Native Title: Life 線上の僕ら
  • Also Known As: Life on the Line , Life~Love on the Line , Life: Love on the Line , Life ~ Love on the Line , Life Is What We Make of It , Life: Happiness Depends on Ourselves , Life: Senjo no Bokura
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
  • Cast: Shirasu Jin, Raiku
  • Episodes: 4 Duration: 25 min.

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One day after school, serious Ito and playful Nishi meet by chance while trying to stay on the sidewalk’s white line. As time passes, Ito realizes he feels something special for Nishi. Nishi is frustrated that they only meet on the sidewalk.

To change things, Ito kisses Nishi, and they decide to walk together instead. Their connection grows through high school, college, and adulthood. It’s a touching story about a loving couple facing life’s changes while holding onto their constant feelings for each other.

Ossan’s Love (2018)

  • Native Title: おっさんずラブ
  • Also Known As: Ossan zu Rabu , Ossan’s Love , Ossans Love , Old Man’s Love
  • Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance
  • Cast: Tanaka Kei, Hayashi Kento, Yoshida Kotaro
  • Episodes: 7 Duration: 40 min.

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Meet Soichi, a 33-year-old guy who’s not great with the ladies. He works at a real estate office and still lives with his parents. But one day, his mom leaves, and he has to start living on his own. The problem is, he’s not so great at everyday stuff like cooking and laundry.

So, he decides to move in with Ryota, a coworker who’s good at keeping the house in order. Then, one day, both Ryota and Musashi, another coworker who happens to be gay, tell Soichi they have feelings for him.

Kimi ni wa Todokanai (2023)

Adapted from the manga series “Kimi ni wa Todokanai.” (君には届かない。) by Mika (みか)

  • Native Title: 君には届かない。
  • Also Known As: I Can’t Reach You , I Cannot Reach You , I Will Not Reach You , きみにはとどかない
  • Genres: Romance, Youth
  • Cast: Maeda Kentaro, Kashiwagi Haru
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 20 min.

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Best friends since they were kids. Like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. There’s the cool, smart one who’s great at everything, and then there’s the average, not-so-cool friend who has a hard time doing things right—Yamato and Kakeru.

They’re always there for each other, but not in the way they really want to be. No matter how much they try, their hearts just can’t connect.

Minato Shouji Coin Laundry (2022)

Adapted from the manga “Minato Shouji Coin Laundry” (みなと商事コインランドリー) by Tsubaki Yuzu (椿ゆず)

  • Native Title: みなと商事コインランドリー
  • Also Known As: Minato Coin Laundry , Minato Trading Coin Laundry , Wash My Heart! , Minato’s Laundromat , Minato Shouji Koin Randorii
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
  • Cast: Kusakawa Takuya, Nishigaki Sho, Fukushi Seiji, Inaba Yu
  • Episodes: 12 Duration: 26 min.

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Minato Akira, a 29-year-old, left his tiring office job in Tokyo and came back to his hometown. Now, he’s running his grandpa’s laundromat, a popular spot for people in the town to hang out.

Akira is happy with his calm new life. One day, he starts chatting with a new customer, a high school student named Katsuki Shintaro, who catches his eye with his good looks.

Even though they’re different ages, they become friends quickly. Then, in a moment when he wasn’t thinking too much, Akira shares that he’s gay.

Kinou Nani Tabeta? (2019)

  • Native Title: きのう何食べた?
  • Also Known As: What Did You Eat Yesterday?
  • Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance, Life
  • Cast: Nishijima Hidetoshi, Uchino Seiyou
  • Episodes: 12 Duration: 30 min.

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Meet Kakei Shiro, a 45-year-old lawyer, and his partner Yabuki Kenji, who works as a hairdresser. Every day, after Shiro finishes work, he goes to a store with good prices to get groceries without spending too much.

Then, he goes home and cooks dinner, usually with rice, soup, and three side dishes. When it’s time to eat, Kenji comes home from work, and they chat about everything.

Once, when they were out, someone asked if Shiro was Kenji’s lawyer boyfriend. Shiro felt a bit embarrassed because, unlike Kenji, he keeps his personal life private at his law firm.

The story is all about love, friendship, humor, everyday problems, and the little things in life. Plus, there are tasty Japanese dishes and recipes in the background.

Senpai, Danjite Koidewa! (2022)

Adapted from the manga “Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!” (先輩、断じて恋では!) by Harekawa Shinta (晴川シンタ)

  • Native Title: 先輩、断じて恋では!
  • Also Known As: Senpai, I’m in Love! , Senpai, This Can’t be Love! , Senior, Definitely in Love! , Senpai, Danjite Koi de wa! , Senpai, Danjite Koi deha!
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Cast: Naito Shuichiro, Seto Toshiki
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 25 min.

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Yanase is a 3D CG designer who has worked all around the world. Now, back in Japan, Yanase is teaching a new person named Kaneda Yuki.

The problem is, Kaneda isn’t very friendly to Yanase, which makes Yanase feel upset. They have a new project where they need to work together. How can these two get along despite their different personalities?

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun (2022)

Adapted from the manga “Takara-kun to Amagi-kun” (高良くんと天城くん) by Hanage no Mai (はなげのまい)

  • Native Title: 高良くんと天城くん
  • Also Known As: Takara and Amagi , Takara kun to Amagi kun
  • Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama
  • Cast: Sato Arata, Oriyama Nao
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 24 min.

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High school student Takara Shun, part of a popular group in class, and Taichi Amagi, a quiet and well-liked boy, discover their feelings for each other. Despite deciding to date secretly, being open about their relationship proves to be a challenge.

The Novelist (2018)

Adapted from the manga “Pornographer” (ポルノグラファー) by Marukido Maki (丸木戸マキ)

  • Native Title: ポルノグラファー
  • Also Known As: The Pornographer , Porunogurafa
  • Genres: Psychological, Romance, Drama
  • Cast: Takezai Terunosuke, Izuka Kenta
  • Episodes: 6 Duration: 22 min.

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Haruhiko Kuzumi, a university student, accidentally causes a bicycle accident one day, resulting in novelist Kijima Rio breaking his arm.

Since Kuzumi lacks insurance or funds to compensate Kijima, the novelist proposes an alternative. Kijima asks Kuzumi to transcribe a story he’s working on, only for Kuzumi to discover that the story is explicit and surprising.

Order to watch Pornographer series: The Novelist, Mood Indigo, Spring Life, Playback, Spring Life Continued.

Mood Indigo (2019)

Adapted from the manga “Indigo no Kibun” (インディゴの気分) by Marukido Maki (丸木戸マキ)

  • Native Title: インディゴの気分
  • Also Known As: 深蓝色心情 , Indigo no Kibun , ポルノグラファー~インディゴの気分~ , A Pornographer- The Indigo’s Feeling
  • Genres: Psychological, Romance, Life, Drama
  • Cast: Takezai Terunosuke Yoshida Munehiro
  • Episodes: 6 Duration: 25 min.

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The story begins when Shiro Kido meets an old classmate, Rio Kijima, at a teacher’s funeral in college. Back in their student days, Kijima was a talented novelist who even won a big prize.

Kido was jealous but realized he wasn’t as skilled after reading Kijima’s work. Kido gave up writing and became an editor for adult novels. When they reunite, Kido sees that Kijima is struggling and has hit a creative wall.

Both feeling lost, Kido suggests to Kijima that he should write adult novels. As they work closely together, their connection deepens, and their desires grow stronger. The story explores their intense relationship and the mixed emotions Kijima experiences.

The End of The World With You (2023)

Adapted from the manga “Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu” (僕らのミクロな終末) by Marukido Maki (丸木戸マキ)

  • Native Title: 僕らのミクロな終末
  • Also Known As: The End of the World, With You , Our Micro End
  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Cast: Seto Toshiki, Nakata Keisuke
  • Episodes: 8 Duration: 24 min.

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The world goes crazy when people find out a huge meteorite will hit Earth in just ten days, possibly wiping out everyone. This shocking news hits Masumi Nishina, a guy stuck in a boring office job, really hard. After a bit of shock, he decides to go back to his college library, planning to read peacefully until the end comes.

But things take a bad turn when he runs into Ritsu Kusakabe, the guy who once heartlessly broke Masumi’s heart. Back in college, they were part of the same book club but had a nasty falling out.

Masumi didn’t want to see Ritsu again, especially after the painful breakup. Now, with time running out, they start to think about giving their romance another shot and making the last days more passionate.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama (2023)

Adapted from the manga series “BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita” (BLドラマの主演になりました) by Suzuri Machi (すずり街)

  • Native Title: BLドラマの主演になりました クランクアップ編
  • Also Known As: I Became the Lead in a BL Drama: Crank up Edition , I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama: Crank up Edition , BL Dorama no Shuen ni Narimashita: Kuranku Appu Hen
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Cast: Abe Alan, Akutsu Nichika
  • Episodes: 3   Duration: 45 min.

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A popular BL manga is going to be adapted into a live-action drama. The double lead roles will be played by Aoyanagi Hajime, a talented actor who used to be a successful child actor but is not so successful anymore and Akafuji Yuuichirou, a popular and handsome actor.

Aoyagi has a hard time with Akafuji who has an unfriendly attitude, but on the other hand Akafuji has too much love for Aoyagi… Will the two stars succeed in their BL drama?

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