Korean Bl Dramas Adapted From Webtoon/Manhwa

Lately, Korean BL dramas have been taking the entertainment world by storm, captivating audiences around the world with their heartfelt and emotionally charged narratives.

What’s even more fascinating is that many of these BL dramas are based on web cartoons and manhwa, making them appealing not only to comic book fans but also to newcomers to the genre.

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, manhwa can be thought of as the Korean version of comics that are usually available in print, while webtoons are digital comics available online and offer a unique reading experience.

These digital gems have breathed new life into the Korean entertainment industry and provided a fresh source of inspiration.

In this article, I will list 13 webtoon and manhwa adaptations.

The New Employee (2022)

Adapted from the web novel “The New Employee” (신입사원) by Moscareto (모스카레토)

Episodes: 7 Duration: 20 min.


Seung Hyun, a guy in his late twenties who’s yet to experience intimacy, secures the internship he’s always dreamed of. On his first day, he unexpectedly crosses paths with the striking but reserved Kim Jong Chan. Turns out, Jong Chan is Seung Hyun’s new boss! Can the two resist any workplace romantic tension?

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon “The Director Who Buys Me Dinner” (밥만 잘 사주는 이상한 이사님) written by Toesa (퇴사) and illustrated by Yang Eun Ji (양은지)

Episodes: 10 Duration: 15 min.


Centuries ago, there was a child named after a god who ended up cursed. Through four reincarnations, he finally discovers love in the form of an employee at his company—another man! The catch? If they don’t date, it’s a matter of life and death.

“We’ve got to be a couple. If we don’t, it’s curtains for us.”

Dong Baek, the latest addition to Min Entertainment’s staff, finds himself bewildered by his director, Yu Dam. Despite Dam’s seemingly flawless exterior, Baek suspects his boss might be losing his marbles. What’s all this talk about living three past lives and the necessity of dating? Something strange is definitely going on.

Semantic Error (2022)

Semantic Error is an adaptation of a manhwa and novel, both titled “Semantic Error,” with J. Soori as the writer and Angy Kim as the illustrator for the manhwa version.

Episodes: 8 Duration: 25 min.


Chu Sang Woo, a computer science student known for his dedication to reason and strict adherence to rules, finds himself in a group project for a liberal arts module at university. To his dismay, his group members, whom he knows nothing about, expect him to do all the work for their final presentation.

In response, he erases their names and decides to take on the project himself. On the other hand, there’s a design major student who is the complete opposite of Chu Sang Woo. This student decides to target and torment Chu Sang Woo, setting the stage for a clash between their contrasting personalities and approaches to the project.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon “Cherry Blossoms After Winter” (겨울 지나 벚꽃) by Bam Woo (밤우).

Episodes: 8 Duration: 25 min.


The death of his parents forces seven-year-old Seo Hae Bom to move in with an adoptive family who has a young son of the same age named Jo Tae Seong.

Seo Hae Bom is in awe of Jo Tae Seong – he considers the boy to be everything that he is not: tall, handsome, popular, caring, and worthy of love and attention. The diminutive Seo Hae Bom thinks himself inferior and is humbled by the kindness of the family that took him in.

However, things take a different turn for the duo after Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong end up in the same high school class. Suddenly, they spend more time together at home and at school. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between the two – but what will Cupid have to say about all this?

Blueming (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon “Who Can Define Popularity?” (인기는 무언가 잘못되었다?) by Tak Bon (拓本)

Episodes: 11 Duration: 14 min.


Since childhood, Cha Si Won has believed that only good-looking people become popular, and he’s dedicated himself to achieving popularity through a strict personal regimen and a pleasant personality.

As he enters his first year of college, Cha Si Won is confident that he’ll become one of the most popular students on campus.

However, his confidence takes a hit when he encounters another student named Hyeong Da Un, who seems to possess perfect looks, maintains top grades, hails from a wealthy family, and exhibits a great personality.

Cha Si Won’s self-assuredness wavers as he repeatedly crosses paths with Hyeong Da Un. College life no longer appears as straightforward as he once thought.

Oh! My Assistant (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon “Oh! My Assistant” (오나의어시님) by Mila (밀라) and Angrymonster (앵몬)

Episodes: 8 Duration: 15 min.


Seon Ho, an artist creating adult webtoons for some quick cash, is facing an unexpected downside—it’s been more than two years since he last felt aroused.

Feeling drained, he decides to hire an assistant, only to be surprised by the cute and talented Mu Yeong. Not to mention, Mu Yeong seems well-off, so why would he want to work with Seon Ho?

As it turns out, Mu Yeong is Seon Ho’s biggest fan.

Oh! Boarding House (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon “Hasuk 5” (하숙집 5번지) by Penguin (펭귄)

Episodes: 8 Duration: 15 min.


Sul Won, a young guy currently between jobs. His mom oversees an affordable boarding house that caters to students and guys on a tight budget, struggling to secure their own place. Life takes an unexpected turn when his mom decides to take a sudden vacation, leaving Sul Won as the makeshift caretaker of the boarding house – essentially the live-in landlord.

Now, let me introduce you to the eclectic mix of residents at the boarding house. First up is Sul Won’s cousin, a senior in high school. Then, there’s Sul Won’s college buddy making a return, and also Kim Chun Seo, who happens to be a high school teacher. Topping off the crew is a university student in his third year, harboring dreams of becoming a writer.

As these guys spend more time together, a strong bond of friendship starts to weave through the house. However, things take a bit of a turn when Sul Won realizes that some of his tenants might be harboring a little crush on him. Could love be in the air? Looks like Cupid might just be paying a visit to the boarding house!

Love in Spring (2022)

Adapted from the webtoon of the same title by Noh Myung Hee (노명희)

Episodes: 16 Duration: 26 min.


Jin Geum Seong, a struggling nobleman just trying to get by with his mother. Life isn’t easy for them. One day, while he’s out gathering wood in the mountains, he comes across a woman swimming. Concerned for her safety, he thinks she might be in trouble and makes a bit of noise to get her attention. Turns out, this woman is Choi Hye Seong, the third daughter of Choi Jin Sa. But here’s the twist – she’s not exactly who she appears to be. Hye Seong is actually a man going by the name ‘Salbyul.’

In the midst of this unexpected encounter, a blossoming love story unfolds between Hye Seong and Geum Seong, much like a beautiful flower opening up on a warm spring day.

Unintentional Love Story (2023)

Adapted from the webtoon “Biuidojeog Yeonaedam” (비의도적 연애담) by Phobe (피비)

Episodes: 10 Duration: 35 min.


Ji Won Young’s world takes a nosedive when his boss is ousted due to a corruption scandal, leading to Won Young, innocent in the matter, being shown the door as well. Fueled by desperation to reclaim his job, he sets out to win favor by tracking down the chairman’s cherished artist, Yoon Tae Joon. The missing artist, now content running a pottery shop in a quiet town, isn’t keen on being found.

Despite Tae Joon’s reluctance, Won Young lingers in the town, secretly observing and reporting on Tae Joon’s secluded life. However, as the two spend time together, unexpected emotions surface, prompting Won Young to grapple with questions about his sexuality, his true desires, and whether returning to his old life in Seoul is what he genuinely wants.

The plot thickens when Tae Joon discovers Won Young’s covert surveillance. The unfolding drama raises the stakes, leaving both men to confront the consequences of their choices and the evolving connection between them.

Love Tractor (2023)

Adapted from the webtoon “Love Tractor” (트랙터는 사랑을 싣고) written by Hmm Yong Yong (흠념뇸) and illustrated by AngryMonster (앵몬)

Episodes: 8 Duration: 25 min.


Seon Yul, a city dweller temporarily finding himself in a rural setting, crosses paths with Ye Chan, a genuine lover of the countryside.

Arriving in the rural expanse with no knowledge of farming, Seon Yul encounters Ye Chan, whose deep affection for country living captures his attention. As Seon Yul navigates the nuances of rural life and immerses himself in farming, he finds himself drawn to Ye Chan’s sincerity and unwavering enthusiasm. Together, the two set out on a heartwarming and sometimes chaotic journey through the countryside, where love blossoms amidst the challenges, creating a tale of healing and genuine connection.

Happy Merry Ending (2023)

Adapted from the webtoon “Happy Merry Ending” (해피메리엔딩) by dorae (도래)

Episodes: 8 Duration: 15 min.


Seung Jun, a singing coach and a part-time wedding singer whose performances lack the spark of enthusiasm. Struggling with insecurity and withdrawal, he carries the scars of a past heartbreak, marked by panic attacks since the brutal end of his first love.

Enter Jae Hyun, the newly hired pianist at the wedding venue, instantly captivated by Seung Jun. With unwavering determination, Jae Hyun sets out to pursue a romantic connection with him. Despite not outright rejecting Jae Hyun’s advances, Seung Jun struggles to allow anyone close.

As they continue to collaborate at weddings, the warm and outgoing nature of Jae Hyun becomes a persistent force. The question lingers: Can Jae Hyun break through Seung Jun’s defenses and bring warmth back into his heart?

A Shoulder to Cry On (2023)

Adapted from the manhwa “A Shoulder to Cry On” (소년을 위로해줘) by Dong Mul (동물)

Episodes: 7 Duration: 30 min.


Lee Da Yeol navigates the halls of school as somewhat of an outsider, not exactly basking in popularity. His solace lies in the archery club, where his talent secures him a scholarship. As long as he can pursue his passion, Da Yeol is content with his outsider status. However, a chance encounter with the charming and mischievous Jo Tae Hyun changes the game, putting Da Yeol’s scholarship on the line.

Tae Hyun, a popular and seemingly carefree student, spins a different narrative, accusing Da Yeol of unwarranted advances during a compromising situation in the nurse’s office. Faced with jeopardizing his scholarship, Da Yeol tries desperately to dispel the rumors, but the task proves Herculean.

Unapologetic for his actions, Tae Hyun revels in making Da Yeol’s life difficult, especially by incessantly shadowing him. As Da Yeol grapples with this unwelcome presence, the lines between hatred and something more begin to blur. The more time spent with Tae Hyun, the more Da Yeol finds himself entangled in conflicting emotions, prompting him to question where the boundaries between hate and love truly lie.

Sing My Crush (2023)

Adapted from the webtoon “Ttarabaram” (따라바람) by Geom Dung (검둥)

Episodes: 8 Duration: 25 min.


Ba Ram and Han Tae initially experience a rocky start during their school days, marked by a disastrous first encounter. However, in the aftermath of this awkward beginning, an unexpected and deep friendship blossoms between them. As the years pass, the question looms: Can Ba Ram continue to conceal his secret crush on Han Tae, or will the truth eventually come to light?

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